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Bathroom Sink Filters (Hot and Cold)

What a delight to wash your face and hands in warm clean water, free of Chlorine, etc. Filtering both hot and cold water is the object of this Service Specialties four filter design. This system utilizes two filters in the hot water line, and two filters in the cold water line which are connected to your existing faucet/faucets. Each of the four filters is chosen for your specific needs and are installed under your Bathroom sink (see images below).

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Fig. 1. Beautiful Bathroom Sink

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Fig. 2. Hot & Cold Filtration

Cost: Service Specialties Hot and Cold, Four Filter System....$695.00 including installation.

Standard Cold Water Filters:

#1. A 1.0 micron 3 layer sediment filter to remove rust, scale and general sediment.
Replacement cost: $12.00.

#2. A 0.5 micron carbon briquette filter removing Chlorine, UOC's, bat tastes and odor.
Replacement Costs: $20.00.

For more information (ordering, payment, details, etc.): email us or call Jim Artress at (646) 325-4339